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Welcome to the Hellbent Blog or Welcome to Hell :)

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  1. I realise I am going to have to think of some rather more interesting post titles than First and Second but I thought I would save that for next time.

    Well our latest machine arrived safely last Thursday 7th May, courtesey of Abbey Transport of Norwich whose drivers did a sterling job apart from forgetting to cancel the rain that tipped down just at the moment the covers were removed from our shiny new Haas TM-3P.  It is our fourth CNC machine and is larger than the Haas Super Mini Mill that we purchased when we started the business in 2009.  You can check out the specifications of all our machines on our capacities page on our website.

    Haas TM-3P

    I took as many photos as I could without getting thrown out of the workshop for slowing things down/getting in the way and posted them on our Facebook page.  You can see the album here TM-3P .

    Thanks also to Russell from Haas who came in and took Logan through the changes/updates to the software. 

    And then it was back to the ever increasing work load...

    Best I get on with my bit!




  2. Welcome to the Hellbent Blog... or welcome to Hell :)

    So - apparently we need a blog.  Whether anyone other than SEO experts think we do is quite another matter, but I thought we'd best give it a go.  I'm Sally-Ann - joint Owner/Director and I will attempt to provide 'sparkling content with a personal element' (er - right). 

    When Hellbent started in 2009 we had a  'News'  Page which was updated regularly (ish) but then Social Media took over in 2013 and all 'news' went on Twitter , Facebook and less often LinkedIn .  But from now on, there will be updates once (ish) a week on our Blog.

    Much to the bemusement of Logan - the Blog/Social Media/Marketing Sceptic of the Company - who is the other joint Owner/Director (and my husband), there will be posts on who we are, what we do and anything else we think someone, somewhere might want to read.  Well - scan.  Maybe. 

    Today is not only voting day but it is also the day our brand new Haas TM-3P  is being delivered by Abbey Transport of Norwich having travelled across the sea from America for what seemed like an eternity - 12 weeks to be exact.  Hence I shall be putting my photographer's hat on and photos will follow...

    So that's it.  Our first Blog Post. 

    If you have indeed read it then Thank You. 

    If you have any comments then please do share - we like to hear what our customers/followers think.  Good and bad...