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Some time ago I came across the online directory Britipedia and registered the business as I regularly do when I feel they might be useful.  If you haven’t heard of them, their aim is to bring British manufacturers and producers together, championing all things made in Britain.  Having listed our business on their site I promptly forgot all about it…. until they sent me an email this week entitled: ‘Are you proud to be a British Manufacturer?’  ‘We certainly are,’ I thought and read on.  After some foraging about on the internet I came across @BritishFamily, the Bradshaws, on Twitter, who are responsible not only for the aforementioned directory but also for their wonderful site celebrating British manufacturing and farming  http://www.britishfamily.co.uk .  I promptly took advantage of their ‘Made In Britain’ free downloadable logo and uploaded it onto our website homepage .  Ta da.

It’s great to see such tremendous support for hard working British industry.  In engineering we are constantly pitted against cheap Chinese imports which certainly have their place but if you are looking for quality, consistency and reliability, you need a good British supplier.  We like to think that’s exactly where we come in.  And yes - we do frequently get asked to modify the inaccurate imported parts as they simply don't fit/aren't to spec. 

Thank you to the Bradshaw family for standing up and supporting British manufacturing.  It’s good to be British.

PS I also signed up to their Blog - you can too here


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  1. David Hassell

    Thanks for the info Sally-Ann. I work on behalf of a couple of British manufacturers and I'm sure this will be new to them too. >>> Hellbent Reply >>> Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and comment. Great find I thought :)

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