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#SendReinforcements - It's the School Holidays!

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With four children living in our house, it is never quiet for long... but the holidays seem to turn it into something between a hotel and a youth hostel.  Keeping track of who is where, how many extras require feeding at meal times (don't start me on which ones eat which vegetables) and how many bodies I will find sleeping on the floor in various rooms each morning is the joy of an age range of 6 up to 19 years old. 

Secretly I love it, of course, as any parent with four children of their own will concur (after all why would you have such an impractical number of babies if you didn't adore them) but it still makes for rather a challenge juggling work with this 6 weeks of chaos!  With the help of a local 'Ofsted outstanding' Kids Club in North Walsham and the girlfriend of one of the aforementioned teenagers in residence, I have made it into work 4 days a week (albeit for varying hours) throughout the holidays and kept Fridays for the kids. 

Hence on curtailed hours, our social media has been far from social and our blog posts non existent...  Normal service will resume, if not next week when they return to schools/colleges, then the week after when I can think about trying to catch up with my backlog.  Having just had our busiest month ever at Hellbent Engineering since inception in 2009 (more about that in my next post me thinks) - it's all been a bit FULL ON.  But then that's how Logan and I like it.  Well sometimes!


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