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Anyone for #VoteLeave ?

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Where February and March went is completely beyond me but here we are in April with that EU Vote looming in 70 days (according to my inbox)...  Without banging on about it (well - a bit) - we're firmly on the #VoteLeave and #TakeControl side. 

One simple fact - the UK sends £50 million pounds a day to the EU - was enough for me to sit up and pay attention. 

That's £350 million in one week which, conveniently, is the cost of building a new NHS hospital every week.  So if we came out, we could not only spend money on new hospitals but have plenty of change left over for schools, housing and jobs for people that are UK citizens and haven't arrived here hoping our streets are paved with gold... (an obvious urban myth; only to be exacerbated by the optimistic Living Wage).

What about on the business front? 

I was amazed by some of the statistics/quotes I have stolen from an article written by Matthew Elliott, Chief Exec of Vote Leave:

  • Only 6% of UK firms trade with the EU yet 100% must abide by legislation handed down by Brussels - why?!
  • The EU currently has no free trade agreements with the USA, China and India to name but a few (albeit big ones).  Whilst we remain in the EU we are unable to negotiate our own.  Out of the EU we would be able to get on with it.
  • The UK has a significant trade deficit with the EU - in 2014 the EU sold £78.9 billion MORE goods TO the UK than we sold to them.  So who holds the negotiating power? Who is more important to who?
  • The UK is the 5th largest economy in the world - so let's use our strength to make our own way. 

What about security? 

We have one of the best intelligence services in the world which is the envy of many so would other European countries want to work with us and share information?  I think so.

And immigration?

If we have control of our own borders then we have control of who we allow entry to and who we don’t.  Currently EU open border policies allow criminals guilty of some of the most heinous crimes, entry to our green and pleasant land without checks/monitoring and those with extremist views who wish us harm seem to be just as welcome, putting more strain on our already stretched intelligence services.  Do we want skilled workers to come here to live and work?  Absolutely we do, but we won’t get that with an open door policy.  And can our NHS, our schools and our infrastructure cope with a relentless population surge?  No.

As for the IMF wading in to the debate – is that to protect a Eurozone that they already acknowledge is ‘weak’ and a ‘concern’?  It doesn’t appear to be for the UK’s benefit and frankly disappoints.  And don’t get me started on David Cameron (who got our vote at the last election) – we are now firmly Camp Boris.

So, just in case anyone’s not clear, I think we’ll be coming down on the #VoteLeave side on 23rd June…

And breathe.



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