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Record Year...

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When I started this blog it was supposed to be a regular thing... along with our social media posts.  And back to reality...  Unfortunately, all the nice stuff has had to take a back seat since cnc machining requirements went bonkers which is so long ago now it's hard to remember a time when it wasn't this in demand.  

Manufacturing output in North Walsham (well 1b Cornish Way) is up massively as I am sure is the case in every machine shop.  In the last twelve months we have seen our lead times exceed 6 months for some machines and we have had to turn away massive quantities of work simply because we don't have the machinery or manpower to produce it fast enough.  2017/2018 exceeded all expectations in terms of financials and 2018/2019 thus far is exceeding 17/18...

Expand we hear you cry!  That sounds great in theory and we have taken on a new full time member of staff - Paul.  And we have been tentatively looking at another machine... but have NO floor space left so that would entail another premises move which is SO expensive, it is currently cost prohibitive and something we simply don't have time to do at the moment being flat out.  And some.

And lets not forget we did buy that old farm house with holes in the roof, windows that wouldn't open or if they did wouldn't shut, water damaged hanging down lath and plaster ceilings and so much more I could go on for hours.  Having owned it for a year now and lived in it for nearly 10 months, much of the work is done... so we decided we needed to extend it and the plans should be submitted next week (please Sam our friendly architect).  Hence we are quite busy at home at the moment too!

I am hopeful that having presented my case for the defence up front, I may be excused for not having written a blog post for, splutter, 16 months.  

In other news, we are trying to get to grips with GDPR and have sorted the SSL Certificate for our website as with Google Chrome's forthcoming update imminent, I didn't fancy a banner coming up every time someone visited the site telling them the website was unsafe.  We now have a lovely little magic padlock in the corner and an https not an http at the beginning of our url.  Whoop Whoop.

Enjoy the sunshine - it's been a long time coming.



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  1. Diane Evans

    Hi Sally. My role at North Norfolk District Council is to support employers with recruitment where possible. Also to ensure that the young people in the district know about the many job opportunities available. I'd very much like to visit your company to find out more about what you do and whether or not you are managing to recruit the staff that you need. Also, I suggest, given your success in 2018, that you apply for the Growing Business award for the 2019 North Norfolk Business Awards: https://www.north-norfolk.gov.uk/projects/business-awards-2019/ Kind regards, Diane

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