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Websites & All That Jazz

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I had more 'free trials' for website building packages than I knew what to do with at the beginning of 2009.  Some were never going to be decipherable to a novice, a couple looked like they might be if I had more time and one just worked.  Create.net was simple, very reasonably priced and most importantly I seemed to be able to get it to do what I wanted it to which wasn't the case with the others I tried!  In the early years we had an online store so it was important that we had an e-commerce site that could grow with us if we decided to continue down that route as changing our website over further down the line was NOT on my list of tortuous tasks I was planning on volunteering for.

Having purchased domain names (many), sorted email addresses out (not quite as many), had a logo designed (that is a whole blog post on it's own - coming soon!), I cobbled together some content and away we went.  It soon became apparent that items we sold online (after market bike and car parts mainly) were only to represent a tiny, tiny proportion of our business and so, in time, we moved away from e-commerce and our eBay store to our current structure which is virtually one hundred percent business to business sales.

Our website has evolved over the years and is now virtually unrecognisable from the early versions with our social media buttons, Twitter feed and in 2015 - this new blog.  Google Analytics tells me who has visited our site, how they got here (search engine/link), which pages they viewed, how long they stayed around for, which country they live in and even demographics such as age ranges and genders.  How on earth it knows some of that information I cannot begin to guess but all in all it is very interesting reading.  Including how many people read my new blog each week!

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