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That logo

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We had some interesting interpretations of our logo when we first began.  Logan wanted an iron cross to represent his passion for hotrods, drag racing and motorbikes.  Little did we know that when we put the sign up above our first workshop in sunny Happisburgh, North Norfolk, with our name and logo on, that we would be described as 'the Nazis who had moved into the village'.  To say we were horrified is an understatement but we were equally indignant as the iron cross was not a swastica and we were not Nazis!  And if we were splitting hairs, we had lived there for 6 years by then.  While our children did a great job at explaining to everyone they came across in the village that we were nice, normal folk (well - sort of), I did a whole lot of research on the origins of the iron cross and put together a piece on our website (which you can find here) to dispel any doubters along the way.

The origins of the iron cross are as a symbol of courage and honour, not to mention the Christian interpretation representing Jesus on the cross.  There are clearly unfortuate connotations relating to its hijack by white supremisists somewhere along the way but let's not forget that the Queen of England has iron crosses on her crowns....

In 2013, in line with the incorporation of the business, we 'redesigned' our logo and made it a little more subtle.  Everything evolves with time and we felt it was time for our logo to evolve too.

The name 'Hellbent' however, has been a resounding success - everybody remembers it!  We chose it because we liked it but anyone who knows us will tell you that when we decide we are going to do something, we approach it with a hellbent determination.  As we started our business at the begining of the worst recession in our history, we thought that was quite apt...


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