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The Iron Cross

We often get asked ‘What’s with the logo?’  Hot-Rodders and Bikers use the cross for many reasons:

  • To symbolise the new ‘knights of the road’ or ‘warriors of the road’
  • As a tribute to lost souls
  • As a symbol of honour which it represents wherever it is displayed
  • Or simply as a gesture of rebellion and non-conformity


The Maltese Cross, also known as the Amalfi Cross, is identified as the symbol of an order of Christian warriors known as the Knights Hospitaller or Knights of Malta and came to be one of the national symbols of Malta.  The 8 points represent the 8 points of courage.

 Hellbent logo maltese cross


The Iron Cross is a symbol that originated around 1200 when the kingdom of Jerusalem granted the Teutonic  Knights  permission to combine their cross with a silver version of the Cross of Jerusalem

The shield of the Teutonic Order bearing the Black Cross was combined with a silver Cross of Jerusalem or Crusaders Cross

 Hellbent Logo Teutonic Order Shield                              Hellbent Logo Jerusalem Cross

So was born the Iron Cross (also known as the Cross Pattée meaning literally "footed cross"), which had arms narrow at the centre, and broader at the perimeter

 Hellbent Logo Iron Cross

The Iron Cross had an honourable beginning, when it was instituted as a Prussian decoration, in 1813, by King Friedrich Wilheim III during the War of Liberation against Napoleon. It was awarded without regard for status to combatants for acts of heroism and bravery.  It was later used as a military decoration by Germany and then, notoriously, the Third Reich.

It is, of course, a Christian symbol representing the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  The irony is that the neo-Nazis/white supremacy movement appear to use the Iron Cross ignoring the connection with Jesus the Jew.

Other examples of the use of the Iron Cross/Cross Pattee

An early English example from the start of the age of heraldry proper (about 1200) is found in the arms of Baron Berkeley whose motto is: "By virtue not force”

 Hellbent Logo Baron Berkeley arms

The Imperial State Crown is one of the Crown Jewels of the UK and includes a base of four Crosses Pattée alternating with four fleurs-de-lis.


Hellbent Logo Imperial State Crown 

Hellbent Kustoms

Logan chose the logo to represent his passion for hotrods and drag racing alone.  Any sinister connotations are not intended.  If iron crosses are good enough for the Queen of England, they are good enough for Hellbent Engineering.  Since the business began we have had several tweaks to our logo, the most recent being for the incorporation in July 2013.  Bit more subtle we thought...