Hellbent Services

At Hellbent we produce high quality, competitively priced, precision engineered machined parts with a fast turnaround.  Up to the minute modern machines give us versatility, speed, accuracy and cosmetic excellence without the excessive overheads of larger jobbing shops to drive costs up.

Hellbent Provides

High Precision Capabilities

Accurate Production to Exact Requirements

Ability to Produce Large Multiples

Fast Production Turnaround

No limit to Production Capabilities to Exact Tolerances

Along With

Very Competitive Pricing

Modern Machinery

Prompt and Reliable Delivery Times

High Levels of Customer Service/Satisfaction

Small Business Attention to Detail - We Care


Bespoke Prototyping from Basic Concept

Low Quantities to High Multiples

Machining of most Materials:

Aluminium Machining, Brass Machining, Plastics etc

Drilling, Fabricating, Fitting and more...



CAD CAM Applications

CNC Milling

CNC Turning

Manual Milling

Manual Turning